pmap_change_wiring(9) change physical wiring for a map or virtual address pair


In sys/param.h In vm/vm.h In vm/pmap.h Ft void Fn pmap_change_wiring pmap_t pmap vm_offset_t va boolean_t wired


The Fn pmap_change_wiring function changes the wiring attribute for the page at virtual address Fa va in the physical map Fa pmap . A wired page gets its name from being ``wired'' into the system page tables so that it will not be paged out.

The mapping must already exist in the Fa pmap . If Fa wired is TRUE the map's wired page count will be incremented; if FALSE it will be decremented.

It is typically called by the Fn vm_fault_unwire function.


This manual page was written by An Bruce M Simpson Aq [email protected] .