pn53x-tamashell(1) PN53x TAMA communication demonstration shell


pn53x-tamashell [script]


pn53x-tamashell is a simple interactive tool to send so called TAMA commands and receive the answers. TAMA refers to the command set supported by the PN53x family. Messages are binary and the shell expects hexadecimal notation. TAMA commands and responses prefixes (0xD4/0xD5), CRC and any framing above are handled transparently.

You can use the shell interactively (with readline support) or you can write your own script file consisting in commands and comments (anything that starts with ";", "#" or "//"). Spaces are ignored and can be used for readability.

Shebang is supported, simply start your script with:
 #!/usr/bin/env pn53x-tamashell


p N to introduce a pause of N milliseconds.

q or Ctrl-d to quit.


GetFirmware command is D4 02, so one has just to send the command "02":

 $ pn53x-tamashell
 Connected to NFC reader: SCM Micro/SCL3711-NFC&RW - PN533 v2.7 (0x07)
 > 02
 Tx: 02
 Rx: 33  02  07  07
 > 40
 Tx: 40
 Rx: Command Not Acceptable
 > q

Same thing, with a script:

 $ pn53x-tamashell << EOF
 // This is a comment
 02 // GetFirmware
 40 // Command with missing arguments

 Connected to NFC reader: SCM Micro/SCL3711-NFC&RW - PN533 v2.7 (0x07)
 > // This is a comment
 > 02 // GetFirmware
 Tx: 02
 Rx: 33  02  07  07
 > 40 // Command with missing arguments
 Tx: 40
 Rx: Command Not Acceptable
 > Bye!


script Script file with tama commands


Please report any bugs on the libnfc issue tracker at:


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