png2swf(1) Takes a number of png files and converts them to a swf movie, one


png2swf [-X width] [-Y height] [-o file.swf] [-r rate] file1.png [file2.png...]


This tools converts png image files into an SWF animation. It takes any number of input pictures, and converts them to SWF one-by-one, where every converted picture is a separate frame in the target SWF.

The way the images are encoded in SWF is very similar to PNG (in that a zlib-based, lossless compression algorithm is used).


-r, --rate framerate

    Set movie framerate (frames per second)
-o, --output filename

    Explicitly specify output file. (Otherwise, output will go to stdout / output.swf)
-j, --jpeg quality

    Generate a lossy jpeg bitmap inside the SWF, with a given quality (1-100)
-z, --zlib zlib

    Use Flash MX (SWF 6) Zlib encoding for the output. The resulting SWF will be
    smaller, but not playable in Flash Plugins of Version 5 and below.
-T, --flashversion

    Set the flash version to generate
-X, --pixel width

    Force movie width to width (default: autodetect)
-Y, --pixel height

    Force movie height to height (default: autodetect)
-v, --verbose level

    Set verbose level (0=quiet, 1=default, 2=debug)
-q, --quiet

    Omit normal log messages, only log errors
-C, --cgi

    For use as CGI- prepend http header, write to stdout
-V, --version

    Print version information and exit
-s, --scale percent

    Scale image to percent% size.


Matthias Kramm <[email protected]>