podtree2html(1) translate a POD to HTML


"podtree2html" ["--base" url] ["--css" url] ["--"["no"]"toc"] ["--hr" level] ["--bgcolor" #rrggbb] ["--text" #rrggbb] ["--variables" values.pl] source dest [template] [variable=value ...]]


"podtree2html" reads the POD in file source, translates it to HTML, and writes it to file dest. dest is created world-readable.

If a template file is provided, then template will be filled in by the "Text::Template" module and written to dest. Here is a minimal template, showing all the variables that are set by "podtree2html".

    <base href="{$base}">
    <link href="{$css}" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
   <body bgcolor="{$bgcolor}" text="{$text}">

If the "--variables" option is provided, then the file values.pl will be executed with a "do" call before the template is filled in. values.pl may contain arbitrary Perl code. The program fragments in the template are evaulted in the "Pod::Tree::HTML" package. Any variables that values.pl sets in this package will be available to the template.

Additional scalar variables may be set on the command line with the variable=value syntax. Do not prefix variable with a "$" sigil. Variables set on the command line override variables set in values.pl.


"--base" url
Translate "L<>" sequences into HTML links relative to url.
"--css" url
Specifies a Cascanding Style Sheet for the generated HTML page. Here are example rules for all the different HTML elements that may appear in a POD.

    a:link { background: #ff8080 }
    body   { background: #f0f0f0 }
    code   { background: #c0ffc0 }
    dd     { background: #ffffe0 }
    dl     { background: #fffff0 }
    dt     { background: #ffffc0 }
    h1     { background: #ffc0c0 }
    h2     { background: #ffe0e0 }
    hr     { background: #ff0000; height: 5px }
    i      { background: #ffc0c0 }
    li     { background: #e0e0e0 }
    ol     { background: #fff0ff }
    p      { background: #f0f0ff }
    pre    { background: #f0fff0 }
    ul     { background: #f0ffff }
Includes or omits the table of contents. Default is to include the TOC.
"--hr" level
Controls the profusion of horizontal lines in the output, as follows:

    level   horizontal lines
    0       none
    1       between TOC and body
    2       after each =head1
    3       after each =head1 and =head2

Default is level 1.

"--bgcolor" #rrggbb
Set the background color to #rrggbb. Default is white.
"--text" #rrggbb
Set the text color to #rrggbb. Default is black.
"--variables" values.pl
Execute the file values.pl with a "do" call before filling in template. values.pl may contain arbitrary Perl code.




Steven McDougall, <[email protected]>


Copyright (c) 1999-2007 by Steven McDougall. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl.