Pod::Weaver::Plugin::SingleEncoding(3) ensure that there is exactly one =encoding of known value


version 4.013


The SingleEncoding plugin is a Dialect and a Finalizer.

During dialect translation, it will look for "=encoding" directives. If it finds them, it will ensure that they all agree on one encoding and remove them.

During document finalization, it will insert an "=encoding" directive at the top of the output, using the encoding previously detected. If no encoding was detected, the plugin's "encoding" attribute will be used instead. That defaults to UTF-8.

If you want to reject any "=encoding" directive that doesn't match your expectations, set the "encoding" attribute by hand.

No actual validation of the encoding is done. Pod::Weaver, after all, deals in text rather than bytes.


Ricardo SIGNES <[email protected]>


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