POE::Component::Resolver::Sidecar(3) delegate subprocess to call getaddrinfo()


version 0.920


Used internally by POE::Component::Resolver.


POE::Component::Resolver creates subprocesses to call getaddrinfo() so that the main program doesn't block during that time.

The actual getaddrinfo() calling code is abstracted into this module so it can be run in a separate executable program. This reduces the memory footprint of forking the entire main process for just getaddrinfo().

It's a strong, useful pattern that other POE::Components have implemented before. POE::Quickie does it generically. POE::Component::SimpleDBI and POE::Component::EasyDBI do it so their DBI subprocesses are relatively lightweight.


The main code to read POE::Component::Resolver requests from STDIN and write getaddrinfo() responses to STDOUT.


None known.


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