POE::Filter::HTTPChunk(3) Non-blocking incremental HTTP chunk parser.


version 0.949


# Not a complete program.
use POE::Filter::HTTPChunk;
use POE::Wheel::ReadWrite;
sub setup_io {
$_[HEAP]->{io_wheel} = POE::Wheel::ReadWrite->new(
Filter => POE::Filter::HTTPChunk->new(),
# See POE::Wheel::ReadWrite for other required parameters.


This filter parses HTTP chunks from a data stream. It's used by POE::Component::Client::HTTP to do the bulk of the low-level HTTP parsing.



"new" takes no parameters and returns a shiny new POE::Filter::HTTPChunk object ready to use.


POE::Filter::HTTPChunk supports the following methods. Most of them adhere to the standard POE::Filter API. The documentation for POE::Filter explains the API in more detail.

get_one_start ARRAYREF

Accept an arrayref containing zero or more raw data chunks. They are added to the filter's input buffer. The filter will attempt to parse that data when get_one() is called.



Parse a single HTTP chunk from the filter's input buffer. Data is entered into the buffer by the get_one_start() method. Returns an arrayref containing zero or one parsed HTTP chunk.

  $ret_arrayref = $filter_httpchunk->get_one();


Returns an arrayref of stream data currently pending parsing. It's used to seamlessly transfer unparsed data between an old and a new filter when a wheel's filter is changed.

  $pending_arrayref = $filter_httpchunk->get_pending();


None are known at this time.


POE::Filter::HTTPChunk is...
  • Copyright 2005-2006 Martijn van Beers
  • Copyright 2006 Rocco Caputo

All rights are reserved. POE::Filter::HTTPChunk is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Rocco may be contacted by e-mail via <mailto:[email protected]>, and Martijn may be contacted by email via <mailto:[email protected]>.

The preferred way to report bugs or requests is through RT though. See <http://rt.cpan.org/NoAuth/Bugs.html?Dist=POE-Component-Client-HTTP> or mail <mailto:[email protected]>

For questions, try the POE mailing list ([email protected])