POE::Filter::IRC::Compat(3) A filter which converts POE::Filter::IRCD


my $filter = POE::Filter::IRC::Compat->new();
my @events = @{ $filter->get( [ @lines ] ) };
my @msgs = @{ $filter->put( [ @messages ] ) };


POE::Filter::IRC::Compat is a POE::Filter that converts POE::Filter::IRCD output into the POE::Component::IRC compatible event references. Basically a hack, so I could replace POE::Filter::IRC with something that was more generic.

Among other things, it converts normal text into thoroughly CTCP-quoted messages, and transmogrifies CTCP-quoted messages into their normal, sane components. Rather what you'd expect a filter to do.

A note: the CTCP protocol sucks bollocks. If I ever meet the fellow who came up with it, I'll shave their head and tattoo obscenities on it. Just read the ``specification'' (docs/ctcpspec.html in this distribution) and you'll hopefully see what I mean. Quote this, quote that, quote this again, all in different and weird ways... and who the hell needs to send mixed CTCP and text messages? WTF? It looks like it's practically complexity for complexity's sake --- and don't even get me started on the design of the DCC protocol! Anyhow, enough ranting. Onto the rest of the docs...



Returns a POE::Filter::IRC::Compat object. Takes no arguments.


Makes a copy of the filter, and clears the copy's buffer.


Takes an arrayref of POE::Filter::IRCD hashrefs and produces an arrayref of POE::Component::IRC compatible event hashrefs. Yay.

get_one_start, get_one

These perform a similar function as "get" but enable the filter to work with POE::Filter::Stackable.


Takes an array reference of CTCP messages to be properly quoted. This doesn't support CTCPs embedded in normal messages, which is a brain-dead hack in the protocol, so do it yourself if you really need it. Returns an array reference of the quoted lines for sending.


Takes an optinal true/false value which enables/disables debugging accordingly. Returns the debug status.


Takes an arrayref of possible channel prefix indicators.


Takes a boolean to turn on/off the support for CAPAB IDENTIFY-MSG.


Chris 'BinGOs' Williams