POE::Filter::XML::Utils(3) General purpose utilities for POE::Filter::XML


use POE::Filter::XML::Utils; # exports functions listed below
my $hash_ref_to_config = get_config($absolute_path_to_config);
my $hash_ref_to_config = get_config(); # defaults to ./config.xml
my $node = get_reply($node); # swaps to and from and sets 'type' to IQ_RESULT
my $new_node = get_reply($node, 'blank'); # makes and returns blank result

my $node = get_error($node, $text_error, $code_number); # add error and reply
my $user = get_user('[email protected]'); # gets 'nickperez'
my $domain = get_host('[email protected]'); # gets 'jabber.org'
my $resource = get_resource('[email protected]/Gaim'); # gets 'Gaim'
my $array = get_parts('[email protected]/Gaim');
# gets username: $array->[0] == 'nickperez'
# gets domain: $array->[1] == 'jabber.org'
# gets resource: $array->[2] == 'Gaim'


POE::Filter::XML::Utils provides some common use utilities for use with POE::Filter::XML such as XML configuration files, make nodes reply, add errors for error replies, and gather things from jids.


Copyright (c) 2003, 2006 Nicholas Perez. Released and distributed under the GPL.