polyc(1) Compile and link a Standard ML program using Poly/ML


polyc sourcefile


polyc is a script that compiles a Standard ML program using the Poly/ML compiler and creates an executable program from it. It can also be used to link object files created using the PolyML.export function with the Poly/ML libraries or to produce an object file. When used to compile a Standard ML program it expects the main function to be called "main" e.g. fun main() = print "Hello World\n";

If the source file is a text file it is assumed to be ML source. If it is a binary file it is assumed to be an object file and will be linked with the Poly/ML library.


-c Compile but do not link. The object file is written to a file whose name is based on the source file name with any extension replaced with .o
-o output
Write the executable file to "output".
Write a list of the arguments and exit.