polygraph-server(1) Web Polygraph server simulator


server [--option ...]


list of options
package version info
package build environment info
--verb_lvl <int>
console verbosity level
--dump <list>
dump request/replies/errors headers/bodies to console
--dump_size <size>
limit size of individual msg dump
--notify <addr>
send notifications to a [remote] monitoring program
--doorman_listen_at <addr>
where to listen for (and respond to) meta-information requests
--doorman_send_to <addr>
where to forward meta-information
--label <str>
run label
--fd_limit <int>
decrease default fd limit
--config <file>
configuration file name
--cfg_dirs <list>
directories to search for cfg files
--console <file>
redirect console output
--log <file>
detailed binary log file
--log_buf_size <size>
buffer size for binary log
--store_working_set <file>
store working set
--load_working_set <file>
load working set
--sample_log <file>
log file for samples
--sample_log_buf_size <size>
buffer size for sample log
accept foreign requests or responses
--stats_cycle <time>
statistics cycle length
--file_scan <epoll|poll|select>
system call to use for scanning ready files
--priority_sched <int>
priority level for urgent socket operations
--fake_hosts <list>
use given addresses, do not lookup real interfaces
--delete_old_addrs <bool>
delete old IP aliases before adding new ones
--idle_tout <time>
exit after inactivity timeout
--local_rng_seed <int>
per-process r.n.g. seed
--global_rng_seed <int>
per-test r.n.g. seed
--unique_world <bool>
use URL set that is unique across runs
--hushed_error_tout <time>
hush frequent error reporting for that long
--ign_urls <bool>
generate content regardless of the URLs


Copyright © 2003-2006 The Measurement Factory, Inc.