polymake(1) tool for algorithmic treatment of polytopes and polyhedra


usage: polymake [options] [arguments]

called without arguments:

start an interactive shell


print help text and exit
print the version number, copyright notice, and exit

[--script] [application::]script_file
execute the perl script in the file If application prefix is specified, this application is loaded and the script file is looked up in its script directory. Prefix none:: suppresses loading any applications before starting the script.
--script [application::]script_file arguments ...
execute the perl script in the file, passing the arguments in @ARGV
'script text'
interpret the string as a perl expression
read and execute the commands from the standard input
file PROPERTY | METHOD [ ... ]
the compatibility mode with polymake <= 2.3: read the object from the data file, print the properties or run the user methods
function ARG ...
simplified syntax for a user function call; arguments can be data files and numerical or string constants
--touch file [ file ... ]
read the files and write them out; useful for converting from earlier polymake versions


-A application_name
start with this application, ignoring the $default_application and @start_applications settings
produce some debug output; can be repeated to increase the debug level
tell what's going on; can be repeated to increase the verbosity level. This is an obsolete option, please use custom variables $Verbose::* to gain more detailed control.
rerun the autoconfiguration sections in all rule files
--reconfigure-rules RULENAME ...
rerun the autoconfiguration sections in the rule files matching RULENAME
`dry run' mode: show the production rules that would be applied to the object, but don't run any; only applicable to the compatibility mode
-T sec
set a time limit for the execution of production rules (currently broken)


Copyright © 1997-2015 Ewgenij Gawrilow, Michael Joswig (TU Berlin) http://www.polymake.org

This is free software licensed under GPL; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.