pop2front(8) POP3 Front End


pop3front-auth cvm program [ args ... ]

pop3front-maildir [ default-maildir ]


The POP3 front end is composed of two pieces: an authentication front end and a transfer back-end.

Connections are timed out after $TIMEOUT seconds of inactivity (defaults to 1200 seconds or 20 minutes), or $SESSION_TIMEOUT seconds after the connection was established (defaults to 86400 seconds or 24 hours).

pop3front-auth authenticates the username and password sent by the client using the named cvm. If successful, it sets up the environment and executes program. It also offers RFC 1734 complient AUTH support through ``cvm-sasl''.

pop3front-maildir serves messages via POP3 out of a maildir. If $MAILBOX is set, its contents are used as the path to the mailbox, otherwise the default-mailbox argument must be present. If $MAX_MESSAGES is set, the total number of accessable messages will be limited to that number. In addition, if either of $MAX_CUR_MESSAGES or $MAX_NEW_MESSAGES are set, the total number of accessable messages in the "cur" and "new" subdirectories respectively will each be limited to that number.