postgreyreport(1) Fatal report for Postfix Greylisting Policy Server


postgreyreport [options...]

-h, --help display this help and exit
--version display version and exit
--user=USER run as USER (default: postgrey)
--dbdir=PATH find db files in PATH (default: /var/lib/postgrey)
--delay=N report triplets that did not try again after N seconds (default: 300)
--greylist-text=TXT text to match on for greylist maillog lines
--skip_pool Skip report for 'subscriber pools' ( last 2 octets of IP found in PTR name )
--skip_dnsbl=RBL RBL server to query and skip reporting for any listed hosts (SLOW!!)
--skip_clients=FILE PTR or IP or REGEXP of clients to skip in report
--match_clients=FILE *ONLY* report if fatal *AND* PTR/IP of client matches

--show_tries display the number of attempts failed triplets made in first column
--show_time show entry time in maillog (single line only)
--tab use tabs as separators for easy cut(1)ting
--nosingle_line display sender/recipients grouped by ptr - ip
--separate_by_subnet=TXT display TXT for every new /24 (ex: "=================\n" )
--separate_by_ip=TXT display TXT for every new IP (ex: "\n")
--check_sender=LIST one or more of: mx,mx/24,a,a/24
does DNS/A lookups for sender @domain and compares sending IP
if match displays "MX" "A" or "MX/24" or "A/24" depending on LIST

Note that --(skip|match)_clients can be specified multiple times and there are no default files.
Same rules apply as postgrey's --whitelist-clients, see postgrey doc for more info.
--skip_dnsbl can also be specified multiple times to query multiple DNSBL servers.


postgreyreport opens postgrey.db as read-only; reads a maillog via STDIN, extracts the triplets for any Greylisted lines and looks them up in postgrey.db. if the difference in first and last time seen is less than --delay=N then the triplet is considered fatal and displayed to STDOUT

The report sorts by client IP address


unless you are using --lookup_by_subnet or excluding all known MTA pools you will likely have false fatal reports for ``BigISPs''. A message that was tried from every IP in SMTP pool before making it through will show up in the report for all of the attempted source IPs


It is best to run postgreyreport against a maillog that is at least several hours old (yesterdays?) ( you be the judge on how old is acceptable ). if you run the report against a live maillog you are not giving legit MTA's enough time to try again and you will have lots of inaccurate information.


1.14.3 20100321

  Some additions, Leonard den Ottolander <>
  New option: --tab   Use tabs as separator in single line mode
  New option: --show_time   Show entry time in maillog in single line mode

1.14.2 20040715

  BUGFIX: (automatic) lookup-by-subnet support was broken, fixed.
  BUGFIX: corrected a few spelling errors
  new Option: --skip_pool   Skip report for 'subscriber pools'

1.14.1 20040712

  Changed --return-string to --greylist-text to match postgrey
  new Option: --skip_clients=FILE
  new Option: --match_clients=FILE
  new Option: --skip_dnsbl=RBL.DNS.NAME
  All 3 of the new options can be specified multiple times.
  Updated do_*_subsititions again to match postgrey

1.11.1 20040701

  missing keys from DB are considered fatal triplets and included in report
  Changed --delay testing from "greater than" to "greater than or equal to"
  Fixed --help and --man switches
  Removed setuid Notice

1.6.4 20040618

  Initial Public Version (postgrey/contrib)


TomĀ BakerĀ <[email protected]>