PQlocalTZInfo(3) Gets the local machine's timezone information.


#include <libpqtypes.h>

void PQlocalTZInfo(time_t *t, int *gmtoff, int *isdst, char **tzabbrp);


This function retrieves the local machine's timezone information.

If the t argument is not NULL, it represents a time_t value to get timezone information for. If it is NULL, the current time is used.

The gmtoff argument will be pointed at the number of seconds from GMT, same value as the GNU (struct tm).tm_gmtoff extension.

The isdst argument will be pointed at zero if in standard time, one if in daylight savings time and negative one if unknown.

The tzabbrp argument will be pointed at the timezone abbreviation, like PST, ADT, EST, etc..




This example gets the local timezone information for a file's modified time.

int gmtoff;
int isdst;
char *tzabbr;
struct stat st;
stat("report.xml", &st);
PQlocalTZInfo(&st.st_mtime, &gmtoff, &isdst, &tzabbr);


libpqtypes needs the ability to get the local machine's timezone information for the datetime data types. It later became apparent that a portable way of getting timezone information was very useful and in demand. Thus, this function was made public.


A contribution of eSilo, LLC. for the PostgreSQL Database Management System. Written by Andrew Chernow and Merlin Moncure.


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