prepair(1) repair GIS polygons


prepair [--wkt string | -f file | --ogr file] [--robustness] [--minarea AREA] [--isr GRIDSIZE] [--time] [--shpOut]


prepair permits you to easily repair "broken" GIS polygons, and that according to the international standards ISO 19107. In brief, given a polygon stored in WKT, it automatically repairs it and gives you back a valid WKT. Automated repair methods can be considered as interpreting ambiguous or ill-defined polygons and giving a coherent and clearly defined output.


--wkt 'POLYGON(0 0, 1 0, 1 1, 0 0)'
Process polygon from WKT string
-f infile.txt
Process polygon from WKT string on the first line of the file
--ogr infile.shp
Process first polygon of the input file
Compute the robustness of the input/output
Uses the point set topology paradigm (default: odd-even paradigm)
--minarea AREA
Only output polygons larger than AREA
Snap round the input before repairing
Benchmark the different stages of the process
Output a shapefile (out.shp) instead of a WKT