Prima::PS::Drawable(3) PostScript interface to Prima::Drawable


use Prima;
use Prima::PS::Drawable;
my $x = Prima::PS::Drawable-> create( onSpool => sub {
open F, ">> ./";
print F $_[1];
close F;
die "error:$@" unless $x-> begin_doc;
$x-> font-> size( 30);
$x-> text_out( "hello!", 100, 100);
$x-> end_doc;


Realizes the Prima library interface to PostScript level 2 document language. The module is designed to be compliant with Prima::Drawable interface. All properties' behavior is as same as Prima::Drawable's, except those described below.

Inherited properties

Can be set while object is in normal stage - cannot be changed if document is opened. Applies to fillPattern realization and general pixel-to-point and vice versa calculations
- ::region is not realized ( yet?)

Specific properties

amount of copies that PS interpreter should print
could be 0 or 1
physical page dimension, in points
non-printable page area, an array of 4 integers: left, bottom, right and top margins in points.
if 1, a 90 degrees rotated document layout is assumed
::rotate and ::scale
along with Prima::Drawable::translate provide PS-specific transformation matrix manipulations. ::rotate is number, measured in degrees, counter-clockwise. ::scale is array of two numbers, respectively x- and y-scale. 1 is 100%, 2 is 200% etc.
1 by default; optimizes greatly text operations, but takes the risk that a character could be drawn incorrectly or not drawn at all - this behavior depends on a particular PS interpreter.
If 1, the system fonts, available from Prima::Application interfaces can not be used. It is designed for developers and the outside-of-Prima applications that wish to use PS generation module without graphics. If 1, "::useDeviceFonts" is set to 1 automatically.

Default value is 0

Internal methods

Can be called for direct PostScript code injection. Example:

        $x-> emit('0.314159 setgray');
        $x-> bar( 10, 10, 20, 20);
pixel2point and point2pixel
Helpers for translation from pixel to points and vice versa.
fill & stroke
Wrappers for PS outline that is expected to be filled or stroked. Apply colors, line and fill styles if necessary.
Prima::PS::Drawable is not responsible for output of generated document, it just calls ::spool when document is closed through ::end_doc. By default just skips data. Prima::PS::Printer handles spooling logic.
Returns Prima::Application::font plus those that defined into Prima::PS::Fonts module.