Prima::PS::Encodings(3) manage latin-based encodings


use Prima::PS::Encodings;


This module provides code tables for major latin-based encodings, for the glyphs that usually provided by every PS-based printer or interpreter. Prima::PS::Drawable uses these encodings when it decides whether the document have to be supplied with a bitmap character glyph or a character index, thus relying on PS interpreter capabilities. Latter is obviously preferable, but as it's not possible to know beforehand what glyphs are supported by PS interpreter, the Latin glyph set was selected as a ground level.
It's unlikely that users will need to supply their own encodings, however this can be accomplished by:

        use Prima::PS::Encodings;
        $Prima::PS::Encodings::files{iso8859-5} = 'PS/locale/greek-iso';
The only non-latin encoding currently present is 'Specific'. If any other specific-encoded fonts are to be added, the encoding string must be added as a key to %fontspecific
Loads encoding file by given string. Tries to be smart to guess actual file from identifier string returned from setlocale(NULL). If fails, loads default encoding, which defines only glyphs from 32 to 126. Special case is 'null' encoding, returns array of 256 .notdef's.
Returns list of Latin-based encoding string unique keys.