Printexc.Slot(3) no description


Module Printexc.Slot


Module Slot
 :  sig end

type t = Printexc.backtrace_slot

val is_raise : t -> bool

is_raise slot is true when slot refers to a raising point in the code, and false when it comes from a simple function call.

Since 4.02

val location : t -> Printexc.location option

location slot returns the location information of the slot, if available, and None otherwise.

Some possible reasons for failing to return a location are as follow:

-the slot corresponds to a compiler-inserted raise

-the slot corresponds to a part of the program that has not been compiled with debug information ( -g )

Since 4.02

val format : int -> t -> string option

format pos slot returns the string representation of slot as raw_backtrace_to_string would format it, assuming it is the pos -th element of the backtrace: the 0 -th element is pretty-printed differently than the others.

Whole-backtrace printing functions also skip some uninformative slots; in that case, format pos slot returns None .

Since 4.02