prospector(1) static Python code analyzer


$ prospector
$ prospector <path/to/project>
$ prospector <path/to/> <path/to/another/>


Prospector analyzes Python source files and puts out information about coding errors, potential problems, convention violation and unnecessary complexity. It provides an uniform and flexible interface to a number of tools for static Python code checking.

By default, Prospector uses the following tools: Dodgy, McCabe (a Flake8 extension), Pydocstyle (Pep257 successor), Pep8 (supplemented by Pep8-naming, a Flake8 extension), Pyflakes, and Pylint. It auto detects libraries a project uses, to which it could adapt (currently, Celery, Django and Flask are supported individually). Additionally, Vulture and Pyroma could be employed for testing.

Prospector could be adjusted very detailed to personal coding styles through profiles. For comprehensive information on this application, please see: /usr/share/doc/prospector/html/index.html.


-s,--strictness <veryhigh,high,medium,low,verylow>

     switch reporting level (default: medium)

     include warnings about documentation (run with pep257)
-o,--output-format <emacs,grouped,json,pylint,text,xunit,yaml>

     switch output format (default: grouped)
-w,--with-tool <tools>

     a tool or a list of tools to run in addition to the default tools
     (use this to run with vulture or pyroma)
-P,--profile <profile>

     one or more profiles to be used (configuration files in YAML format)

     show a full list of command line options and flags


Prospector is a spinoff from written by Carl Crowder <[email protected]>, Jeff Quast <[email protected]>, Jason Simeone <[email protected]>, and Sam Spilsbury <[email protected]>