PS_add_locallink(3) Adds link to a page in the same document


#include <pslib.h>

void PS_add_locallink(PSDoc *psdoc, float llx, float lly, float urx, float ury, int page, const char *dest)


Places a hyperlink at the given position pointing to a page in the same document. Clicking on the link will jump to the given page. The first page in a document has number 1. The parameter dest determines how the document is being viewed. It can be 'fitpage', 'fitwidth', `fitheight', or `fitbbox'.

The hyperlink start is a rectangle with its lower left corner at (llx, lly) and its upper right corner at (urx, ury). The rectangle has by default a thin blue border.

The hyperlink will not be visible if the document is printed or viewed but it will show up if the document is converted to pdf by either Acrobat Distillerâ„¢ or Ghostview.


This manual page was written by Uwe Steinmann [email protected].