PS_new2(3) Creates a new PostScript document object


#include <pslib.h>

PSDoc * PS_new2((void (*errorhandler)(PSDoc *p, int type, const char *msg), void* (*allocproc)(PSDoc *p, size_t size, const char *caller), void* (*reallocproc)(PSDoc *p, void *mem, size_t size, const char *caller), void (*freeproc)(PSDoc *p, void *mem), void *opaque)


Creates a new document instance. It does not create the file on disk or in memory. It just sets up everything. You may pass your own error handler and memory management functions. If you pass NULL values the internal default handler and functions will be used. In such case you may as well call PS_new(3).


Pointer to new instance of PostScript document or NULL on failure.


This manual page was written by Uwe Steinmann [email protected]