PS_open_image_file(3) Opens an image from file


#include <pslib.h>

int PS_open_image_file(PSDoc *psdoc, const char *type, const char *filename, const char *stringparam, int intparam)


This function reads image data from a file. It can read png, jpeg, gif, tiff, and eps files. png, jpeg, gif, and tiff images can only be read if pslib has been compiled with support for those formats. Once an image has been loaded it can be placed on a page with PS_place_image(3).

Since version 0.4.5 of pslib images are read by default for later reuse. This means that the image is saved into a so called reusable stream object. Later calls of PS_place_image(3)                         will only put a short
sequence of postscript code into the output file replaying the image. This reduces the overall postscript file size, speeds up its processing by the postscript rip and allows to place images into templates. This behaviour can be turned off by setting the parameter `imagereuse' to false with PS_set_parameter(3).


Returns identifier of image or zero in case of an error. The identifier is a positiv number greater 0.


This manual page was written by Uwe Steinmann [email protected].