psmegaplot(1) To create poster-size PostScript plots from page-size plot


psmegaplot plotfile -Sscale [ -C ]


psmegaplot reads a GMT-produced PostScript file and 'blows it up' by an arbitrary scale. The result is several plots that make up the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Cut and paste these pieces to make a 'megaplot'.

PostScript file as created by the GMT programs.
Multiply the x- and y-dimension by scale. scale must be larger than 1.0.


No space between the option flag and the associated arguments.
Plot crop marks in each corner of every output page. [Default is no marks]


To magnify a contour-map PostScript file 3 times, giving a total of 9 output pages to be pasted together, use

psmegaplot -S3 -C >


This program is unlikely to work on non-GMT-produced PostScript files since it anticipates the structure of the file. It also assumes that the output media is Letter size.