pstopdf(1) convert EPS to PDF


pstopdf [ OPTION ... ] FILE [ ... ]


  pstopdf converts EPS (encapsulated PostScript) to PDF.


Print usage and version information.
Convert EPS to PDF. This option is assumed if none is given.
What method to use for bounding boxes when converting to PDF. Specify one of crop, bounded (the default), or raw. Older versions of ConTeXt used numerical methods (1, 2, or 3).
The resolution to use when when converting to pdf. Specify one of low, normal, medium, high, printer, print, screen, ebook, or default.
Handle exa request file.
Watch folders for conversions (untested).


To make cow.pdf:

pstopdf cow.eps
or (one of several equivalences):
pstopdf --convert cow.eps cow.pdf


This (incomplete) manual page was written by Sanjoy Mahajan <[email protected]>. It is in the public domain.