PTBatcher(1) CLI interface to Hugin Batch processor


PTBatcher [options] -a input.pto


PTBatcher Queues and processes stitching projects. Functionality is similar to the the GUI Hugin Batch Processor. The default action with the -a parameter is to add the specified project to the stitching queue and exit.

The stitching queue may be processed by the GUI Hugin Batch Processor application, or by PTBatcher without a GUI, but not by both at the same time. To process the queue with PTBatcher use the -b parameter.


-a file
add project to queue. Unless -o option is present, the default prefix is appointed.
output prefix (together with -a option)
list all projects in batch queue
clear all projects from batch queue
-x id
remove project with specified id
reset all projects to waiting status
start batch process
use parallel processing (together with -b option)
delete .pto files when complete (together with -b option)
shutdown computer when complete (together with -b option)
verbose mode
print this help


Thomas Modes, Marko Kuder