pwman3(1) command line password manager


pwman3 [OPTIONS]

pwman3 --help


Pwman3 aims to provide a simple but powerful command line interface for password management. It allows one to store your password in a SQLite database locked by a master password which can be encrypted with different algorithms (e.g AES, Blowfish, DES3, IDEA, etc.).


-h, --help
Display help message and exit.
-c FILE, --config FILE
Read the configuration from FILE instead of the default ~/.pwman3/config.
-d DATABASE, --database DATABASE
When using the default SQLite backend, use DATABASE file path to read/store passwords.
-e ALGO, --encryption=ALGO
Use ALGO to encrypt data. Possible values are: AES , ARC2, ARC4, Blowfish, CAST, DES, DES3, IDEA, RC5. The default encryption algorithm used is AES.
-k, --convert
Convert old DB format to version >= 0.4. The database that will be converted is the one found in the config file, or the one given as command line argument.
-O, --output OUTPUT
Use OUTPUT as file path for the newly created database after converting.


Pwman3 was originally written by Ivan Kelly <[email protected]>. Pwman3 is now maintained by Oz Nahum <[email protected]>.