pybit-watcher(1) watches incoming directories for reprepro


pybit-watcher [options]


pybit-watcher monitors a nominated directory for Debian package uploads (*.changes) and then runs a specified incoming rule on the configured reprepro repository.


-h, --help

show this help message and exit


Config file to read settings from, defaults to watcher.conf which will be read from configs/watcher and /etc/pybit/watcher in turn.


Turn on verbose messages.


Daemonise with output going to /var/log/pybit-watcher


pybit-watcher needs to be configured before it will run and process uploads. The configuration file is in JSON format, ordering is not important.

repobase - top level directory of the reprepro repository, i.e. where reprepro can find the ./conf/distributions file.

path - directory used for uploads, must be writeable by whichever user(s) will be able to upload.

dryrun - if set to true, commands are printed to the console instead of being executed. Default: true

rule - the reprepro incoming rule to call with this watcher. Only one incoming rule can be used.

sleeptime - the time allowed after the watcher is notified that a .changes file has been written to allow for the upload tool to change permissions or other management tasks. Default: 3 seconds.

configured - Set to true once the other settings are correct for your installation. Default is false.


This manual page was written by Neil Williams <[email protected]>