pycmail(1) mail sorter


pycmail [-d debuglevel] [-t] [-c conffile] [file1 file2 file3 ...]


pycmail is a mail sorter similar to procmail, written in python, using python syntax for mail delivery.


file2 ... read mails from file1 file2 ... instead of from stdin (useful for mail postprocessing)
-d level, --debuglevel level
set debuglevel to level.
testing mode. No mail delivery will be done. Use in conjuction with -d
-c conffile, --config=conffile
use file conffile as a user configuration file (instead of ~/.pycmailrc )
-D define
add define to the DEFINES list (this can be tested later in the .pycmailrc to modify the behaviour). Can be repeated several times to add more strings.


pycmail should be invoked automatically from the .forward file when mail arrives.

Default debuglevel is 0, which means pycmail tries to deliver mail in almost foolproof way: if there is any error in ~/.pycmailrc file, mail will be delivered to the default mailbox (such as /var/spool/mail/USERNAME ).

If the debuglevel is 1, any error in ~/.pycmailrc file will be printed, resulting in bounced mail (but pycmail will still try to deliver the mail to default mailbox).

Higher debuglevels will print more information about the actual mail processing. The bigger the debuglevel, the more detailed information is printed.

To test your configuration, do something like this:

formail -s pycmail -d 2 -t < your_test_mailbox_file


Radovan GarabĂ­k <garabik @>