pycsw-admin(1) pycsw admin utility


pycsw-admin -c command -f cfg [-h] [-p /path/to/records] [-r]


-c    Command to be performed:
          - setup_db
          - load_records
          - export_records
          - rebuild_db_indexes
          - optimize_db
          - refresh_harvested_records
          - gen_sitemap
          - post_xml
          - get_sysprof
          - validate_xml
-f    Filepath to pycsw configuration
-h    Usage message
-o    path to output file
-p    path to input/output directory to read/write metadata records
-r    load records from directory recursively
-s    XML Schema
-t    Timeout (in seconds) for HTTP requests (default is 30)
-u    URL of CSW
-x    XML document


1) setup_db: Creates repository tables and indexes
pycsw-admin -c setup_db -f default.cfg

2.) load_records: Loads metadata records from directory into repository

pycsw-admin -c load_records -p /path/to/records -f default.cfg
Load records from directory recursively
pycsw-admin -c load_records -p /path/to/records -f default.cfg -r

3.) export_records: Dump metadata records from repository into directory

pycsw-admin -c export_records -p /path/to/records -f default.cfg

4.) rebuild_db_indexes: Rebuild repository database indexes

pycsw-admin -c rebuild_db_indexes -f default.cfg

5.) optimize_db: Optimize repository database

pycsw-admin -c optimize_db -f default.cfg

6.) refresh_harvested_records: Refresh repository records which have been harvested

pycsw-admin -c refresh_harvested_records -f default.cfg

7.) gen_sitemap: Generate XML Sitemap

pycsw-admin -c gen_sitemap -f default.cfg -o /path/to/sitemap.xml

8.) post_xml: Execute a CSW request via HTTP POST

pycsw-admin -c post_xml -u http://host/csw -x /path/to/request.xml

9.) get_sysprof: Get versions of dependencies

pycsw-admin -c get_sysprof

10.) validate_xml: Validate an XML document against an XML Schema

pycsw-admin -c validate_xml -x file.xml -s file.xsd


More information about pycsw can be obtained from /usr/share/doc/python-pycsw-doc after installing the python-pycsw-doc package.