pygm2n(1) Python Gateway mail to news


pygm2n -n newsgroups [ -s newsserver ] [ -h ]


IMPORTANT: this man page is to be continued. The Whole pyg gateway is in devel. state. try -h option for more detailed option.

pygm2n reads from stdin an email, sending it to newsgroups, a comma separated list without spaces of newsgroup names (at least one), rfc799 compliant.

If pygm2n reads from stdin a sigle line starting with /, it is considered an absolute path to a single-email mailbox, so pygm2n will open and read it.

Note that now pyg can't read a real mailbox, with many emails. If you give it in input, pyg will post the whole mailbox as a single email.


There is some documetation in /urs/share/doc/pyg

I created mailgate user (moderator of local.moderated ng). Subscribe to a list with this user (or simply email one message to). Every email posted to this user will send to newsgroups, in its .procmailrc I've put something like:

:0 bh * ^From *[email protected] | $HOME/pygm2n -n local.debian.mailinglist


Cosimo Alfarano <[email protected]>


Boh. send any bug, advice or opinion to the author, please.