pylupdate(1) update Qt Linguist translation files from Python sources


pylupdate [ options ] project-file...


This page documents the Qt Linguist Update tool for the Qt GUI toolkit, for Python source files. PyLupdate reads a qmake project file (.pro file), finds the translatable strings in the specified source, header and interface files, and updates the translation files (.ts files) specified in it. The translation files are given to the translator who uses Qt Linguist to read the files and insert the translations.

The .ts file format is a simple human-readable XML format that can be used with version control systems if required.


Display the usage and exit.
Drop all obsolete strings.
Explain what is being done.
Display the version of pylupdate and exit.


Here is an example .pro file that can be given to pylupdate:

SOURCES         = \
FORMS           = fancybox.ui
TRANSLATIONS    = gnomovision_dk.ts \
                  gnomovision_fi.ts \
                  gnomovision_no.ts \

When running pylupdate on this project file, the translatable strings in all the files listed in the SOURCES and FORMS entries will be put in the translation files listed in the TRANSLATIONS entry. Previous translations will be reused as far as possible, and translated strings that have vanished from the source files are marked obsolete.


This manual page was written by Ricardo J. C├írdenes Medina for the Debian GNU/Linux System (but may be used by others), based on Trolltech's <[email protected]> manual page for lupdate