pyuic(1) Qt user interface compiler for Python


pyuic [options] <uifile>


This page documents the Python User Interface Compiler for the Qt GUI application framework. The pyuic reads a user interface definition file (.ui) in XML as generated by Qt Designer and creates corresponding Python module.

Generate implementation:
      pyuic [options] <uifile>

Generate image collection:

      pyuic [options] -embed <project> <image1> <image2> <image3> ...

        <project>:       project name

        <image[1..n]>:   image files

Generate subclass implementation:
      pyuic [options] -subimpl <classname> <uifile>

        <classname>:      name of the subclass to generate


-o file
Write output to file rather than to stdout.
-p indent
Set the Python indent in spaces (0 to use a tab)
-tr func
Use func(...) rather than tr(...) for i18n.
Generate extra code to test the class
Generate extra code to test but not display the class
Display version of pyuic
Display this information


This manual page was written by Ricardo J. Cárdenes Medina for the Debian GNU/Linux System (but may be used by others), based on Trolltech's <[email protected]> manual page for uic