QChildEvent(3) Event parameters for child object events


#include <qevent.h>

Inherits QEvent.

Public Members

QChildEvent ( Type type, QObject * child )

QObject * child () const

bool inserted () const

bool removed () const


The QChildEvent class contains event parameters for child object events.

Child events are sent to objects when children are inserted or removed.

A ChildRemoved event is sent immediately, but a ChildInserted event is posted (with QApplication::postEvent()).

Note that if a child is removed immediately after it is inserted, the ChildInserted event may be suppressed, but the ChildRemoved event will always be sent. In this case there will be a ChildRemoved event without a corresponding ChildInserted event.

The handler for these events is QObject::childEvent().

See also Event Classes.


QChildEvent::QChildEvent ( Type type, QObject * child )

Constructs a child event object. The child is the object that is to be removed or inserted.

The type parameter must be either QEvent::ChildInserted or QEvent::ChildRemoved.

QObject * QChildEvent::child () const

Returns the child widget that was inserted or removed.

bool QChildEvent::inserted () const

Returns TRUE if the widget received a new child; otherwise returns FALSE.

bool QChildEvent::removed () const

Returns TRUE if the object lost a child; otherwise returns FALSE.


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