QConstString(3) String objects using constant Unicode data


All the functions in this class are reentrant when Qt is built with thread support.</p>

#include <qstring.h>

Public Members

QConstString ( const QChar * unicode, uint length )

~QConstString ()

const QString & string () const


The QConstString class provides string objects using constant Unicode data.

In order to minimize copying, highly optimized applications can use QConstString to provide a QString-compatible object from existing Unicode data. It is then the programmer's responsibility to ensure that the Unicode data exists for the entire lifetime of the QConstString object.

A QConstString is created with the QConstString constructor. The string held by the object can be obtained by calling string().

See also Text Related Classes.


QConstString::QConstString ( const QChar * unicode, uint length )

Constructs a QConstString that uses the first length Unicode characters in the array unicode. Any attempt to modify copies of the string will cause it to create a copy of the data, thus it remains forever unmodified.

The data in unicode is not copied. The caller must be able to guarantee that unicode will not be deleted or modified.

QConstString::~QConstString ()

Destroys the QConstString, creating a copy of the data if other strings are still using it.

const QString & QConstString::string () const

Returns a constant string referencing the data passed during construction.


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