QFitsView(1) FITS file viewer based on DPUSER


QFitsView filename


QFitsView is a FITS file viewer. It can display one, two, and three-dimensional FITS files. It is written completely in C++ and uses the Qt widget library, which makes it available for all major platorms: Windows, MAC OS-X, and many Unix variants. Its main window consists of the following areas:
  • At the top, a toolbar which provides quick access to commonly used actions
  • At the left:
     - information of the pixel under the cursor (pixel coordinates, pixel value and WCS coordinates)
     - a magnifier
     - a total view of the image
  • At the bottom, the DPUSER command and output window
  • Also at the bottom, in case a FITS datacube is displayed, the spectrum under the cursor
  • The central part of the window shows the actual image

QFitsView has three modes of operation, depending of what kind of data is being displayed. In case of one-dimensional data, the data are shown in an x-y plot. Two-dimensional images are shown in the main window. Three-dimensional data cubes can be displayed in a variety of ways, the third dimension is shown again as a x-y plot at the bottom of the image display.


The Debian version of dpuser was compiled without PGXTAL support which is not supported by the underlying graphics library.


QFitsView was written by Thomas Ott as a software package for reducing astronomical speckle data. If you have comments or suggestions regarding QFitsView, please feel free to contact him.