qmail(1) overview of qmail documentation


qmail is a secure, reliable, efficient, simple message transfer agent.

Users who want to control incoming messages should read dot-qmail(5). Available commands for the .qmail file include qbiff(1), qreceipt(1), forward(1), bouncesaying(1), and condredirect(1). Other helpful commands include maildirmake(1), maildir2mbox(1), and maildirwatch(1).

System administrators who want to control the entire qmail system should start with qmail-control(5) and qmail-start(8). There are three queue-monitoring tools: qmail-qread(8), qmail-qstat(8), and qmail-tcpto(8). Incoming SMTP connections are handled by qmail-smtpd(8).

qmail offers two command-line message-sending interfaces: qmail-inject(8) and mailsubj(1). For background information on Internet mail messages, see addresses(5), envelopes(5), qmail-header(5), and forgeries(7).

Miscellaneous documentation includes qmail-limits(7) and qmail-pop3d(8).

This documentation describes netqmail version 1.05 of qmail. See http://pobox.com/~djb/qmail.html for other qmail-related software, and http://qmail.org/ for other qmail community contributions.