qshutdown(1) An avanced shutdown tool


qshutdown [options]


qshutdown is a simple tool to choose a time or a number of minutes to shutdown, reboot, suspend or hibernate after.

qshutdown will show itself 3 times as a warning if there are less than 70 seconds left. (if 1 Minute or local time +1 Minute was set it'll appear only once.)

This program uses qdbus to send a shutdown/reboot/suspend/hibernate request to either the gnome- or kde-session-manager, to HAL/ConsoleKit/DeviceKit/UPower and if none of these works, the command 'sudo shutdown' will be used.


-h --help
Prints options with description.
Prints information about qshutdown.
Prints all errors and warnings.


When sending the request to HAL or ConsoleKit, or the shutdown command is used, the Session will never be saved. If the shutdown command is used, the program will only be able to shutdown and reboot.

If nothing happens when the shutdown- or reboot-time is reached, it means that one lacks the rights for the shutdown command. In this case one can do the following: Post the following in a terminal:

$ EDITOR=nano sudo -E visudo

and add this line:

* ALL = NOPASSWD:/sbin/shutdown

whereas * replaces the username or %groupname.

For admins:

If you want qshutdown to run with "parental lock" for every user, you can do

$ sudo cp /usr/share/qshutdown/autostart/99qshutdown /etc/X11/Xsession.d/

and set the option Lock_all in /root/.qshutdown/qshutdown.conf to true. Note that qshutdown has to start once to generate the qshutdown.conf. Furthermore there is a need to do

$ EDITOR=nano sudo -E visudo

and add the following line to the sudoers:

* ALL = NOPASSWD:/usr/bin/qshutdown

If you should ever forget your set password, just remove the whole line starting with Password manually from the qshutdown.conf.


The configurationfile (and logfile) is located at ~/.qshutdown/ (under Linux/Unix). The maximum Number of countdown_minutes is 1440 (24 hours).


There is no system tray icon for qshutdown in Ubuntu 11.04.
SOLUTION: Type the following line in a terminal:

$ gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"

For most systems using the Gnome Shell a certain DBus method has been removed, thus a shutdown dialog will be likely to appear if qshutdown's methods have been set to automatic or to Gnome session. If you do not want this shutdown dialog to appear, please use ConsoleKit or something else.


If you want qshutdown to stop "bugging" you, just remove the hook from "warnings on?".


Ctrl+I information window
Ctrl+Q Quit
Ctrl+P Prefereces
Ctrl+L write the run time once into the logfile (works
only if qshutdown quits. To make it permanent set
it in the preferences.)
Ctrl+S  set to shutdown
Ctrl+R set to restart
Ctrl+U set to suspend to RAM
Ctrl+H set to hibernate
Ctrl+E stop timer (only if the countdown has started and
the admin didn't restrict the access)
Shift+E to edit the config file (for this a password is
necessary. If you are a user, you can set an
"empty password" (leave the password field empty)).


Christian Metscher <[email protected]>