qstat(1) Tool for querying gaming servers


qstat [options ...] [-default server-type] [-cfg file] [-f file] [host[:port]] ...
Where host is an IP address or host name


Qstat provides a simple interface for querying servers for a number of games, including but not limited to quake, quakeworld, quake2, quake3arena, unreal tournament or half-life.

For servers running a game, the server name, map name, current number of players, and response time are displayed. Server rules and player information may also be displayed.


query Half-Life 2 new server
query America's Army v2.x server
query BFRIS server
query Descent3 Gamespy Protocol server
query Descent3 Master (PXO) server
query Descent3 PXO protocol server
query Descent3 server
query Doom 3 Master server
query Doom 3 server
query Star Trek: Elite Force server
query Star Trek: Elite Force server
query All Seeing Eye Protocol server
query FarCry server
query Gamespy Protocol server
query Ghost Recon server
query Gamespy V2 Protocol server
query Gamespy V3 Protocol server
query Gamespy V4 Protocol server
query Gamespy Master server
query Hexen II server
query Half-Life 2 server
query Half-Life Master server
query Half-Life server
query Heretic II server
query HexenWorld server
query Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy server
query Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy server
query Kingpin server
query PREY server
query Pariah server
query Quake II Master server
query Quake II server
query Quake III Master server
query Quake III: Arena server
query Quake 4 Master server
query Quake 4 server
query Quake server
query QuakeWorld Master server
query QuakeWorld server
query Ravenshield server
query Return to Castle Wolfenstein Master server
query Return to Castle Wolfenstein server
query Savage server
query Soldier of Fortune server
query Shogo: Mobile Armor Division server
query Sin server
query Steam Master server
query Tribes 2 Master server
query Tribes 2 server
query Tribes Master server
query Tribes server
query TrackMania server
query Teamspeak 2 server
query Unreal server
query UT2004 Master server
query Unreal Tournament 2003 server
set default server type: a2s ams bfs d3g d3m d3p d3s dm3m dm3s efm efs eye fcs gps grs gs2 gs3 gs4 gsm h2s hl2s hlm hls hrs hws jk3m jk3s kps preys prs q2m q2s q3m q3s q4m q4s qs qwm qws rss rwm rws sas sfs sgs sns stm t2m t2s tbm tbs tm ts2 uns ut2004m ut2s
Ignore qstat configuration loaded from any default location. Must be the first option on the command-line.
read the extended types from given file not the default one
read hosts from file
fetch and display server rules
fetch and display player info
sort servers and/or players
only display servers that are up
do not display full servers
do not display empty servers
do not display header line.
display color names instead of numbers
display color numbers instead of names
display colors in #rrggbb format
display time in clock format (DhDDmDDs)
display time in stop-watch format (DD:DD:DD)
display time in seconds
display player address
display player names in hex
display server names in hex
do not display header
old style display
display progress meter (text only)
number of retries, default is 3
interval between retries, default is 0.50 seconds
interval between master server retries, default is 2.00 seconds
total time in seconds before giving up
set maximum simultaneous queries
set time in ms between sending packets, default 5
display errors
allow adding multiple servers with same ip:port (needed for ts2)
output file
Like -of, but append to the file
-raw <delim>
output in raw format using <delim> as delimiter
-mdelim <delim>
For rules with multi values use <delim> as delimiter
output status data as an XML document
-Th, -Ts, -Tpt
output templates: header, server and player
-Tr, -Tt
output templates: rule, and trailer
-srcport <range>
Send packets from these network ports
-srcip <IP>
Send packets using this IP address
resolve host names
-Hcache <file>
host name cache file
Display carets in Quake 3 player names
Enable debug options. Specify multiple times to increase debug level
write received raw packets to dumpNNN files which must not exist before
-pkt <file>
use file as server reply instead of querying the server. Works only with TF_SINGLE_QUERY servers
Convert <, >, and & to the equivalent HTML entities
Colorize Quake 3 and Tribes 2 player names using html font tags
Do not colorize Quake 3 and Tribes 2 player names even if $HTML is used in an output template
Always display the game port in QStat output
Do not use builtin status port offsets (assume query port was specified)
When used with -raw, always display the server address as it appeared in a file or on the command-line
Use the UTF-8 character encoding for XML output.

Sort keys:

servers: p=by-ping, g=by-game, i=by-IP-address, h=by-hostname, n=by-#-players, l=by-list-order
players: P=by-ping, F=by-frags, T=by-team, N=by-name
This manpage describes qstat version 2.11.


This manual page was originally written by Jordi Mallach <[email protected]>, for the Debian system and is distributed under the same licence as Qstat itself.