quest(1) Xapian command line search tool




quest - Xapian command line search tool

NB: QUERY should be quoted to protect it from the shell.


-d, --db=DIRECTORY
database to search (multiple databases may be specified)
-m, --msize=MSIZE
maximum number of matches to return
-c, --check-at-least=HOWMANY
minimum number of matches to check
-s, --stemmer=LANG
set the stemming language, the default is 'english' (pass 'none' to disable stemming)
-p, --prefix=PFX:TERMPFX
add a prefix
-b, --boolean-prefix=PFX:TERMPFX
add a boolean prefix
-f, --flags=FLAG1[,FLAG2]...
specify QueryParser flags. Valid flags: auto_multiword_synonyms, auto_synonyms, boolean, boolean_any_case, cjk_ngram, default, lovehate, partial, phrase, pure_not, spelling_correction, synonym, wildcard
-o, --default-op=OP
specify QueryParser default operator (default: or). Valid operators: and, elite_set, max, near, or, phrase, synonym
-w, --weight=SCHEME
specify weighting scheme to use (default: bm25). Valid schemes: bb2, bm25, bool, dlh, dph, ifb2, ineb2, inl2, pl2, tfidf, trad
-h, --help
display this help and exit
-v, --version
output version information and exit