quinn-diff(1) Compare a Packages and Sources file


quinn-diff [ options ] [ ... ]


quinn-diff compares a Sources file and a Packages files to determine which programs need (re)compiled from source for any given architecture.

quinn-diff knows about architecture specific packages (e.g. lilo) and can easily exclude them via a Packages-arch-specific file. The output is a list of source packages complete with accurate section and version information, suitable for use in build daemons or just in a script to auto-snarf the necessary source.


Specify the location of the Packages-arch-specific file. The default is /etc/Packages-arch-specific.
Specify the architecture of the Packages file. If this option is not given, quinn-diff will try to determine the architecture from the contents of the Packages file.
-D/--debug=octal value
Enable debug output; see -Dhelp or --debug=help for details on possible values.
Display usage help and then exit.
If this option is enabled quinn-diff will ignore source packages which contain all in their architecture list, but not the current architecture.
Specify the location of the Packages file. The default is Packges in the current directory.
Specify the location of the Sources file. The default is Sources in the current directory.
If this option is enabled quinn-diff will warn when a package is newer in the Packages file than it is in the Sources file.
Display the version number and then exit.


quinn-diff returns zero on normal operation, non-zero on error.


The most obvious known problem is that quinn-diff trusts the Binary: field from the Sources file which is not a good idea. However this affects only a small number of packages and is non-trivial to fix.


Special thanks to NoCrew for providing unrewarding and generous donation of network services; without them I wouldn't have had an FTP site, a web site, CVS or AnonCVS.


quinn-diff was written by James Troup <[email protected]>.