QWidgetItem(3) Layout item that represents a widget


#include <qlayout.h>

Inherits QLayoutItem.

Public Members

QWidgetItem ( QWidget * w )

virtual QSize sizeHint () const

virtual QSize minimumSize () const

virtual QSize maximumSize () const

virtual QSizePolicy::ExpandData expanding () const

virtual bool isEmpty () const

virtual void setGeometry ( const QRect & r )

virtual QWidget * widget ()


The QWidgetItem class is a layout item that represents a widget.

This is used by custom layouts.

See also QLayout, QLayout::widget(), Widget Appearance and Style, and Layout Management.


QWidgetItem::QWidgetItem ( QWidget * w )

Creates an item containing widget w.

QSizePolicy::ExpandData QWidgetItem::expanding () const [virtual]

Returns whether this item's widget can make use of more space than sizeHint(). A value of Vertical or Horizontal means that it wants to grow in only one dimension, whereas BothDirections means that it wants to grow in both dimensions and NoDirection means that it doesn't want to grow at all.

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.

bool QWidgetItem::isEmpty () const [virtual]

Returns TRUE if the widget has been hidden; otherwise returns FALSE.

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.

QSize QWidgetItem::maximumSize () const [virtual]

Returns the maximum size of this item.

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.

QSize QWidgetItem::minimumSize () const [virtual]

Returns the minimum size of this item.

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.

void QWidgetItem::setGeometry ( const QRect & r ) [virtual]

Sets the geometry of this item's widget to be contained within rect r, taking alignment and maximum size into account.

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.

QSize QWidgetItem::sizeHint () const [virtual]

Returns the preferred size of this item.

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.

QWidget * QWidgetItem::widget () [virtual]

Returns the widget managed by this item.

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.


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