QwtPlotPrintFilter(3) A base class for plot print filters.


#include <qwt_plot_printfilter.h>

Public Types

enum Item { Title, Legend, Curve, CurveSymbol, Marker, MarkerSymbol, MajorGrid, MinorGrid, CanvasBackground, AxisScale, AxisTitle, WidgetBackground }

enum Options { PrintMargin = 1, PrintTitle = 2, PrintLegend = 4, PrintGrid = 8, PrintBackground = 16, PrintFrameWithScales = 32, PrintAll = ~PrintFrameWithScales }

Public Member Functions

virtual void apply (QwtPlot *) const

virtual void apply (QwtPlotItem *) const

virtual QColor color (const QColor &, Item item) const

virtual QFont font (const QFont &, Item item) const

int options () const

QwtPlotPrintFilter ()

virtual void reset (QwtPlotItem *) const

virtual void reset (QwtPlot *) const

void setOptions (int options)

virtual ~QwtPlotPrintFilter ()

Detailed Description

A base class for plot print filters.

A print filter can be used to customize QwtPlot::print().


In Qwt 5.0 the design of QwtPlot allows/recommends writing individual QwtPlotItems, that are not known to QwtPlotPrintFilter. So this concept is outdated and QwtPlotPrintFilter will be removed/replaced in Qwt 6.x.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum QwtPlotPrintFilter::Item

Print items.

enum QwtPlotPrintFilter::Options

Print options.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwtPlotPrintFilter::QwtPlotPrintFilter () [explicit]Sets filter options to PrintAll

QwtPlotPrintFilter::~QwtPlotPrintFilter () [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void QwtPlotPrintFilter::apply (QwtPlot *plot) const [virtual]Change color and fonts of a plot

See also:


QColor QwtPlotPrintFilter::color (const QColor &c, Itemitem) const [virtual]

Modifies a color for printing. Parameters:

c Color to be modified
item Type of item where the color belongs


Modified color.

In case of !(QwtPlotPrintFilter::options() & PrintBackground) MajorGrid is modified to Qt::darkGray, MinorGrid to Qt::gray. All other colors are returned unmodified.

QFont QwtPlotPrintFilter::font (const QFont &f, Itemitem) const [virtual]

Modifies a font for printing. Parameters:

f Font to be modified
item Type of item where the font belongs

All fonts are returned unmodified

int QwtPlotPrintFilter::options () const

Get plot print options. See also:


void QwtPlotPrintFilter::reset (QwtPlot *plot) const [virtual]Reset color and fonts of a plot

See also:


void QwtPlotPrintFilter::setOptions (intoptions)

Set plot print options. Parameters:

options Or'd QwtPlotPrintFilter::Options values

See also:



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