ra_pict(1) convert Radiance pictures to Macintosh PICT files


ra_pict [ -e +/- stops ] [ -v ] [ -g gamma ] [ infile [ outfile ]]


Ra_pict converts a Radiance picture, as produced by rpict (1) to a Macintosh PICT file. The picture will be a 24 bit PICT 2 picture, using a single bit map (DirectRect).


-g gamma
This sets an explict gamma correction for the image. If it is not specified, the default value of 2.0 is used.
Invokes verbose mode, and gives line on standard error giving the size of the picture and the gamma correction used.
-e +/- stops
Adjusts the exposure by stops.
Specifies the file to read the picture from. If none is specified, it takes it from standard input. If standard input is used, then the picture is sent to standard output.
Specifies the file to send the PICT file to. If none is specified, it is sent to standard output.


    ra_pict mypict.hdr mypict.pict

Will convert the Radiance picture mypict.hdr, giving the Macintosh PICT mypict.pict.

    ra_pict -g 2.2 mypict.hdr mypict.pict

Will convert the file using a gamma of 2.2.


Does not yet do Macintosh PICT to Radiance PIC, as this PICT files are a lot more complex than just one bit map. This is left as an exercise for the reader :-)


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