rabbit(1) presentation tool using RD, simple text format


rabbit [options] [SOURCE_INFOS]


-I, --include=PATH
Add [PATH] to load path.
-t, --theme=THEME
Use [THEME] as theme. (default)
Use [THEME] for comment. ()
Use [TIME] as allotted time. ()


-T, --type=TYPE
Specify source type as [TYPE]. Select from [auto, memory, uri, file, slideshare, argf]. Note: case insensitive. (auto)
When select Memory specify [FILENAME_OR_NOT] as [SOURCE_INFOS].
When select URI specify URI as [SOURCE_INFOS].
When select File specify [FILENAME] as [SOURCE_INFOS].
When select SlideShare specify [USER] and [TITLE] as [SOURCE_INFOS].
When select ARGF specify none (get from STDIN) or [FILE_NAMES] as [SOURCE_INFOS].
-e, --encoding=ENCODING
Specify source encoding as [ENCODING]. (auto)
-B, --base=BASE
Specify base URI or path of source as [BASE]. (auto)

Initial state

-f, --[no-]full-screen
Toggle full screen mode. (off)
Toggle index mode. (off)


-g, --geometry=GEOMETRY
Set window geometry [GEOMETRY]. Format: WIDTHxHEIGHT+X+Y (nil)
-w, --width=WIDTH
Set window width to [WIDTH]. (800)
-h, --height=HEIGHT
Set window height to [HEIGHT]. (600)
Set window width and height to [WIDTH] and [HEIGHT]. (800,600)


-s, --save-as-image
Save as image and exit.
-i, --saved-image-type=TYPE
Specify saved image type as [TYPE]. (png)
Specify saved image base name as [BASE_NAME].
(Title of slide)
Output HTML for viewing saved images. (false)
Output index HTML for navigating slides. (false)
Specify base URI of RSS as [URI]. RSS is generated only when HTML is output. ()
Specify source filenam as [FILENAME]. ()


-p, --print
Print and exit.
-o, --output-filename=FILENAME
Specify printed out filename as [FILENAME]. (#{Title of slide}.pdf)
Set slides per page. (1)
Draw scaled image. Better look for displaying but lesser look for printing. (auto)


Set paper width to [WIDTH] Pt. (landscape A4 width)
Set paper height to [HEIGHT] Pt. (landscape A4 height)
Set paper width and height to [WIDTH] Pt and [HEIGHT] Pt. (landscape A4 size)


Set left margin for slides per page mode print. (auto)
Set right margin for slides per page mode print. (auto)
Set top margin for slides per page mode print. (auto)
Set bottom margin for slides per page mode print. (auto)
Set margin for slides per page mode print.
Set left page margin. (auto)
Set right page margin. (auto)
Set top page margin. (auto)
Set bottom page margin. (auto)
Set page margin.


Specify whether to use dRuby. (true)
Specify dRuby URI. (druby://
Specify whether to output dRuby URI. (false)


Specify whether to use SOAP. (false)
Specify SOAP host as [HOST]. (
Specify SOAP port as [PORT]. (10103)


Specify whether to use XML-RPC. (false)
Specify XML-RPC host as [HOST]. (
Specify XML-RPC port as [PORT]. (10104)


Specify whether to run as server. (false)

Public level

Specify public level. Select from the following: [
strict, move, read-size, change-size, size, read-source, change-source, source, control, all
] (all)


Deprecated. Just ignored. Specify initial comment source. (default source)
Deprecated. Just ignored. Specify comment source encoding. (auto)


Specify search paths for Migemo static dictionary. (/usr/share, /usr/local/share)
Specify static dictionary name for Migemo. (migemo-dict)


Specify whether to use OpenGL if available. (false)


Specify whether to keep above window. (false)


--[no-]show-native-window-id Show a native window ID of the Rabbit window if available.
e.g. The ID is the ID of X resource on X window system. (false)

Common options

Load options from FILE. (none)
Specify locale dir as [DIR]. (auto)
Specify logger type as [TYPE]. Select from [stderr, gui]. (STDERR)
Specify log level as [LEVEL]. Select from [debug, info, warning, error, fatal, unknown]. (info)
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