rabbit-theme-manager(1) theme browser for Rabbit


rabbit-theme-manager [options] [COMMAND]


[COMMAND] is one of them: [generate, browse] (generate)
-I, --include [PATH]
Add [PATH] to load path.
--startup-theme [THEME]
Show [THEME] when startup. ()
-w, --width [WIDTH]
Set window width to [WIDTH]. (600)
-h, --height [HEIGHT]
Set window height to [HEIGHT]. (400)
-S, --size [WIDTH],[HEIGHT]
Set window width and height to [WIDTH] and [HEIGHT]. (600,400)
--theme-doc-dir [DIR]
Specify theme document directory as [DIR].
--locales [LOC1,LOC2,...]
Specify target locales as [LOC1,LOC2,...]. ([en, ja, fr])

Common options

Specify locale dir as [DIR]. (auto)
Specify logger type as [TYPE]. Select from [gui, stderr]. (STDERR)
Specify log level as [LEVEL]. Select from [debug, info, warning, error, fatal, unknown]. (info)
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