radiff(1) Unified binary diffing utility


radiff [-cbgeirp] [-f [from]] [-t [to]] [file.a] [file.b]


radiff implements some binary diffing algorithms.

Use bytediff (byte-per-byte binary diffing between two target files), this is the faster way to do it, but it will not handle byte insertion or offset displacements.
Show output in disassembly format with delta offset support.
Use the GNU diff as backend (slow, but really good output)
Use the erg0ts generic c++ implementation of bindiff.
Display only the number of differences found.
Display results as radare commands (used to generate binary patch files)
Use rsc symdiff to find differences at symbol level (support delta diffing)
Use rsc symbytediff to find differences at symbol level using a byte-per-byte binary comparision algorithm.
Perform a diff between two RDB files (radare databases) these files can be generated from radare using the code analysis commands, or from IDA using the ida2rdb.idc script)
-f [from]
Define from address (start looking for differences at offset 'from'
-t [to]
Define end address (stop binary diffing at offset 'to'
Show usage help message.


Check 'man rsc-bindiff'


pancake <@youterm.com>