radsniff(8) dump radius protocol


radsniff [-c count] [-d directory] [-F] [-f filter] [-h] [-i interface] [-I filename] [-m] [-p port] [-r filter] [-s secret] [-S] [-w file] [-x]


radsniff is a simple wrapper around libpcap. It can also print out the contents of RADIUS packets using the FreeRADIUS dictionaries.


-c count
Number of packets to capture.
-d directory
Directory where the dictionaries are found.
Filter PCAP file from stdin to stdout. Output file will contain RADIUS packets.
-f filter
PCAP filter. (default is udp port 1812 or 1813)
Print usage help information.
-i interface
Interface to capture.
-I filename
Read packets from filename.
Print packet headers only, not contents.
-p port
Listen for packets on port.
-r filter
RADIUS attribute filter.
-s secret
RADIUS secret.
Sort attributes in the packet. Used to compare server results.
-w file
Write output packets to file.
Print out debugging information.


Nicolas Baradakis <[email protected]>