rafind2(1) Advanced commandline hexadecimal editor


rafind2 [-zZXnrhv ] [-b size ] [-f from ] [-t to ] [-[m|s|e] str ] [-x hex ] file


rafind2 is a program to find byte patterns into files

The options are:

Search for zero-terminated strings
-s str
Search for a specific string
-e regex
Search for a regular expression string matches
-x hex
Search for an hexpair string
-m mask
Set binary mask to be applied
-f from
Specify the source adddress
-t to
Specify the target adddress
Display hexdump of search results
Display zero-terminated strings results
Do not stop the search when a read error occurs
Show output in radare commands
-b size
Define block size
Show help message
Print version and exit


pancake <[email protected]>, nibble <[email protected]>