raw2webcam(1) Supply an FTP/HTTP based webcam with images from a Raw DV stream


raw2webcam [ options ]


raw2webcam connects a Raw DV stream to an FTP/HTTP based webcam.


-s server
FTP server to connect to.
-s user
FTP user to connect to.
-s password
Password for FTP user.
-r real-file
Real filename used by the HTML user of the image (default: kino.jpeg).
-t temp-file
Temp file to use on the server while deposting the image (default: kino.tmp).
-l local-temp-file
Temp file to use on the local system (default: /tmp/kino.jpeg).
-f frames-per-second
Floating point number indicates the frames per second to send (default: 1).
-w width
Width of image sent (default: 160).
-h height
Height of image sent (default: 144).
-q quality
Quality of image sent - applies to jpeg and png (default: 80).
Turn deinterlacing off (default: on).


Show help message.


Feed from your cam:

dvconnect -- |
raw2webcam -s ftp.server -u user -p password

Feed from a smil project:

smil2raw project.smil |
raw2webcam -s ftp.server -u user -p password

Feed from a selected X Window (.. umm...):

xwd2raw -s |
raw2webcam -s ftp.server -u user -p pasword

Need some html to handle it? Javascript solution supplied.


See http://kino.schirmacher.de/ for the latest version.


raw2webcam was written by Charles Yates <[email protected]>.